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Brent Baker’s story can best be described as collecting colors, sounds and shapes for creating language. His intuitive sense of painting in the abstract was developed at an early age. He found the abstract form and approach most comfortable. His paintings take on a distinct personality through the interaction of line with color. Through the discipline of painting he examines ever-evolving theme. Harmony is the goal of each work, the balance of design and color. 


With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and business administration from Ohio University he entered the workforce. His career has been diversified from working in wholesale apparel, food service management and eventually establishing a decorative painting operation. His self-employment decision was the turning point allowing his artistic talents to be shared with the interior designer and decorating trade.


Today Baker’s work is collected both by residential and commercial collectors and has been featured in many design publications. Atlanta is where he calls home. He continues daily to explore new avenues through cutting edge techniques with his paintings. His works are available on canvas, paper and mural sized wood panels. Prices are available through Thomas Deans Fine Art Atlanta, direct messaging or Instagram@brentbakerstudio.

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