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Brent Baker Studio is a small independent fine art resource specializing in modern abstract paintings on canvas, board and paper.  The focus of the studio’s online business is delivering the highest quality artistic products in today’s competitive market. Enjoy your visit and we look forward to working with you!   


A standard designer discount is offered to any qualified design trade associate with no minimum ordering required. Contact the studio for details.      


Artist’s Story


Receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and business administration from Ohio University Baker first entered the workforce in professional sales with a wholesale apparel company. Eventually he segued into the food management business until establishing himself as a full time self-employed artist. This new chapter was the turning point for sharing his long awaiting artistic talents with the interior design trade and their clients.


Today Baker’s work is collected both by residential and commercial collectors and has been featured in many design publications. Atlanta is where he calls home. After many decades of producing fine art he works daily exploring new avenues and experimenting with cutting edge techniques. Baker’s artistic story can best be described as a collector of colors, sounds and shapes for creating language. His paintings have a unique transcending spirit that holds your interest and takes you by surprise.

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