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Privacy Policy


Brent T. Baker Fine Art, Inc. would like to inform all customers doing business with this ecommerce Web site dba” brentbakerstudio.com”, that we conduct an honest and lawful commitment to protecting your privacy.  We respect our client confidentiality data (Name, Email Address, Physical Address, Phone Numbers and Credit Card Information) that we securely collect and strictly comply with laws be international, national (US) or state.  Absolutely no customer data obtained for doing business with Brent T. Baker Fine Art, Inc. or brentbakerstudio.com is available or passed on to any third parties.


 “Cookies” is part of today’s technology that are used and stored on your computer browser via a Web server.  If you prefer not to have this stored information that identifies your activity while visiting our Web site, you can modify your browser to prevent this from occurring.  We never use cookies to save any confidential information or pass this information to any third parties.


Any questions that you have concerning this privacy policy or our practices please contact us at info@brentbakerstudio.com     

Payment Methods

-Credit Cards 

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